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Lock Re-key

Local Locksmith for Lock Re-key

Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES can rekey any lock in any condition!

Before you rush to replace your existing lock let us explain how we can save your money!
The lock contains certain amount of pins with different depths and spaces.
The ability to change the depths to different sizes, gives a lot of different possibilities.
Each combination of the pins will require only one key.
By rekeying the lock, our professional locksmiths will take the lock apart (to small pieces)
and replacing the pins to a different combination which will disable the original key
to operate the lock.
Our expert locksmith technicians will provide you with a new key which will fit to the new combination, and that will be the only key to operate the lock.
It doesn’t matter how manny people have the key
It doesn’t matter if you lost your only key
It doesn’t matter if the key has been stolen
It doesn’t matter what the situation is…..

Our expert locksmiths can handle any lock rekey with / without original key!

Other Services – Lock installationhome lockoutchange locks,
lock repair, And also, complete lock and key services.

We provide complete locksmith services for any of your locksmith needs,
Car locksmithResidential locksmithCommercial locksmith
And 24 hours emergency locksmith services.

Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES are proud to be able to create any lock rekey, master key and
master system rekey for any type of locking system.
We also provide 24 hours locksmith services for residential with a very quick response time for different emergency situations! So you can feel free to call us at any time!

Our professional locksmiths can even create master system rekey.
The results of lock rekey – Only one key will operate one or more locks.
The results of master system rekey – More then one key with different combination will operate one or more locks.
For example – one building (or house) with few rooms.
Each room have separate lock for each tenant, each tenant wants a unique lock that will operate by only one unique key. The owner (or maintenance) needs one key that will operate each tenants room.

Our expert locksmiths can create master key as well.
If your place has more than one lock and you are tired to carry a bunch of keys for only one place, then we can create a master key.
Which means – Only one key will operate several locks.

ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES are proud to be the automotive locksmith leaders in the U.S.!
ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES professional auto locksmith services!
ONE-LOCKSMITH Inc. are proud to be the only company can guarantee DAMAGE FREE!

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