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Automotive Re-key

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Local Locksmith for Automotive Re-key

The process of rekey is a very detailed work.
After we have the lock in small pieces, we will have access to the tumblers (or pins),
Once we took the tumblers off the lock cylinder we can now create any combination we want.
We will make you a new key for the new combination we just created.
Our professional locksmiths can rekey more then one lock cylinder on the same key.
Door locks, Trunk locks, Glove box locks, Ignition lock and any other lock on the vehicle.
They will all be on the same key!!!
Once we finish rekeying all the requested car locks, we will put everything back together.

• If someone else has your car-key,
• If you lost your car-key,
• If your car-key has been stolen,
• If unauthorized might copy your car-key,
• If your door key and the ignition keys are different,
• If you have more then one key to your car,
When it comes to auto locksmith, our professional technicians can get anything done on-site!

Don’t try to rekey the ignition lock cylinder by yourself without the right tools, as you can make damage to the tumblers (wafers).
Also, the ignition controls the steering wheel lock, and can be very dangerous if wrong installed, rekey, or repair the ignition lock cylinder can lock the steering wheel while you drive.

ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES can rekey any door lock, trunk lock and ignition lock cylinder.
Our professional car locksmith services are available 24 hours a day,
and ready to assist you at any time with any of your auto locksmith needs.

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We provide complete locksmith services for any of your locksmith needs,
Automotive locksmithResidential locksmithCommercial locksmith
And 24 hours emergency locksmith services.



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