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Commercial Re-key

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Local Locksmith for Commercial Re-key

ONE-LOCKSMITH professional locksmiths have different security solutions for you!
Instead of replacing your commercial lock, you need to know that we can save your money
and your time by rekeying your commercial lock and providing you with different sets of keys!

ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES provide professional commercial locksmith services!
Our locksmith technicians can rekey any lock, any brand, any grade and any key.
Our locksmith carries the right tools to avoid any damage to the lock in the process of rekey.

What is commercial Lock Rekey:
The commercial lock contains small bottom pins with different sizes, and small top pins with different sizes, and small springs that push the top and the bottom pins down.
In the cylinder contains the pins and the springs, and in the housing contains the cylinder.
By disassembling the commercial lock, we will have access to the bottom pins and replace them to a different combination that will fit on a different key.
Which means, the original key will not operate the lock anymore and you will receive a new key that will operate the commercial lock.
By changing the combination of the bottom pins on a new key we can still use your old commercial locks, and avoid replacing the lock.
Our expert locksmiths can also rekey more then one lock on the same key,
then you will have only one key on your key-chain to operate several locks.

Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES can create MASTER SYSTEM REKEY for commercial security!
If you have a few different locks and you need individual key per lock,
but you also need ONLY ONE KEY that will operate all locks, we can get it done for you!!!

You don’t need to replace the lock if :
• You lost or misplaced the key
• Someone else has the key
• Untrusted employee have the key
• You want to make sure no one has the key
• Someone might copy the key
• You need one key that will operate more then one lock
Or any other reason….
Our expert locksmith technicians can make you a new key, whether you have the key or not.

Additional Services – Lock RepairChange LocksHigh Security Locks,
Office Lockout and also, Complete Lock and Key Services.

We provide complete locksmith services for any of your locksmith needs,
Car locksmithResidential locksmithCommercial locksmith
And 24 hours Emergency locksmith services.

Any commercial Lever-Set, Deadbolt, Doorknob, Adams-Rite, Multi-Lock, Medeco, Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Keypad, Dialpad, Rim-Cylinder, Push-Bar, Panic-Bar And much more……

Our expert locksmiths have the ability to do any commercial locksmith work on site.
We are proud to be the most trusted and professional locksmith company in the U.S.!

ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES are proud to be the automotive locksmith leaders in the U.S.!
ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES professional auto locksmith services!
ONE-LOCKSMITH Inc. are proud to be the only company can guarantee DAMAGE FREE!

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