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Fresh Install

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Local Locksmith for Fresh Install

ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES, professional locksmith company.

When you need an extra security, and need to install another lock on the door,
but there is no holes to install another lock, then you call our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES to create a fresh installation and install a new lock.

Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES trained technicians are practicing with real doors and locks.
Our locksmiths create a fresh installation on a regular basis for different reasons.
Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES can do any wooden doors, metal doors, glass doors, residential, commercial or custom made for any purpose.

Standard door – fresh installation :
The door needs to be drilled exactly 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ from the edge of the door to the center of the hole (backset), and radius of 2 1/8″ wide exactly.
The side of the door needs to be drilled exactly 1″ in the center (parallel to the previous hole).
The frame have to be drilled accurately with the side hole of the door (when the door is shut).
The two square plates (frame plate and bolt / latch of the lock) needs to be chiselled.
There are 6 drilling point that have to be 100% accurate.

NOTE – Inaccurate fresh installation (even only one of the drilling points) will effect the lock to operate correctly and your security might be at risk.

By fresh installation the door needs to be drilled.
Which means, its really easy to make irreparable damage to the door and can cause an extra or unexpected expanses and uncomfortable situation.
So before you pick your locksmith, you need to make sure you pick the best!!!

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lock repair, And also, complete lock and key services.

We provide complete locksmith services for any of your locksmith needs,
Car locksmithResidential locksmithCommercial locksmith
And 24 hours emergency locksmith services.

Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES professional technicians carry high-end equipment and have a lot of knowledge to do fresh installation on any wood, metal or glass doors – 100% accurate!!!
Our LOCKSMITH-SERVICES can also create a custom installation for any security purposes!

We can handle any small or big job on the spot!
Remember – by calling the professionals you save time, money and possibly damage.
ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES will keep you safe!!!

ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES are proud to be the automotive locksmith leaders in the U.S.!
ONE-LOCKSMITH SERVICES professional auto locksmith services!
ONE-LOCKSMITH Inc. are proud to be the only company can guarantee DAMAGE FREE!

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